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 Ultimate GFX guide, By tazz

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PostSubject: Ultimate GFX guide, By tazz   Sun Sep 19, 2010 12:46 pm

What are graphics?

Graphics, usually referred as "GFX", are images created with the use of software, such as gimp or Photoshop. These take time to make, and are made generally for clans, personal wear, and basically for one to look better. You can't become a professional in a few months; it'll at least take three years. Getting critique from experienced gfxers is the best way to improve, instead of getting mad over what they say, learn from it and implement it. Soul-Boards isn't the best place to get good GFX critique, you should try this or this. Those two are very good critique websites, once you post a tag you'll learn what's wrong with it and you'll be able to fix it. I'll be explaining concepts in GFX from here on, and you'll be able to find resources to make graphics at the bottom.

Understanding your tools

The first thing you should do is understand most of your software's tools and how and when to use them. I'll be explaining tools of Photoshop only, but I hear gimp is similar to Photoshop, so you might not have a problem. I'll explain some basic tools in photoshop:

The burn tool is useful for darkening parts of your image, and should be used with the mode set to shadows with strength of 32%. Use a soft brush of 15-10 px.

The dodge tool is a tool used to add lighting in your graphic, basically making a part lighter. I suggest testing different modes with this one, but putting the strength on to 32% as well. Use a soft brush of 15-10 px.

The blur tool is used to blur things that distract the viewer from your focal point. Use this with strength of 30 and a soft brush of 15-10 px.

The sharpen tool is used to sharpen things in your image to help add depth to it, use it with strength set to 30 and with a soft brush of 15-10 px.

The gradient tool is used to add gradients obviously, I suggest using the default settings for it, and remember when you're adding one, add it diagonally.

The shape tool is obviously used to make shapes.

Understanding Concepts/Terms

Here I'll explain concepts necessary to grasp in order to make good graphics. If you still don't understand, PM me or post in the thread. I'll also explain some terms used to make it easier for you to live in the graphic community.


These are objects made in 3D software; they aid in graphics a lot. There are a lot of types as well, effects, solid, etc,. I usually set effect ones to screen.

Focal Point

Your focal point; the point you want your viewer to focus their eyes on. For example vegeta in a tag, you want people to look at him so he's the focal point.


This means you have only one color in your signature, and this is usually bad. For example, I make a tag out of a red fox with red c4ds and red stocks, it'll turn out monotone and won't look very good. Note that with b/w sigs, this isn't the case; they look nice in black and white.


Stocks are used to add effects in a graphic; you can find some places to get them at the resource section of the thread. I usually set them to screen, lighten or soft light.


Flow is a bit difficult to understand, so don't worry if you don't get it at first. Think of flow as waves in an ocean, each wave leads you to a certain island. That right there is flow, so flow in graphics means that the elements you put in your signature leads to your focal point.


Depth is making your focal point easier to see. Imagine vegeta(yes I make lots of references of him, xD) standing in a valley full of flying rocks. We want to see vegeta but because of the rocks, he's hard to see. We'll blur the rocks a bit, sharpen edges of him and even burn a little edge to make him stand out more.


This term means what you signature is based on. For example I take a forest stock and add a fire stock and etc. My concept is that I'm making a burning forest.


This term means the effects used in your graphic, C4DS, stocks, etc,.


This term means the placement of your elements in your signature. For example, I place a c4d behind sasuke then I put a lighting bolt in front of him.

The Key

The key to GFX is to basically experiment; try new things and go out of your way, or a way a tutorial would suggest. Try new things, test out new tools, try out new concepts. Remember to follow tutorials if you are starting gfx and don't use brushes to build your backgrounds, ever.


I've compiled a list of tutorials, C4Ds, stocks, and renders. One of the tutorial is made by myself, but the rest are made by others, remember to give them credit. For planetrender links, I've made you guys both a forum account and site account. Please be mature and do not change the password. This will allow you to download mostly anything from the site.


Edit: I can't stop people from changing the accounts password and acting like total noobs, so you'll have to register on your own, sorry.


Adnan's 250 Renders Pack

Huy-N's Render Packages

RiP's Renders

Sanity Penguin's Packs

.PMI's Sprite Pack


lconaboy's Effect C4D Pack

Rafay's Ultimate C4Ds Collection!

SG's Goodybag

Stinky666's C4D Pack

Stinky666's C4D Pack

Dyst's C4D Pack

Darkabs's C4D Pack


Royal's Stock Pack

Lycan Lube's Stock Pack

Cobra's Photobucket

Sickboy's Nature Stock Pack

Royal's Fashion Stock Pack


Cycangfx�s Gradient Avatars Tutorial

Cliche's Thoughts&Dreams Tutorial

Cliche's Tutorial #2

SM Stoneface's Take A Smoke Tutorial

SM Stoneface's Venom Tutorial

SM Stoneface's Green Tutorial



FINALY ! after 2 Hours of typing :PP
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Ultimate GFX guide, By tazz
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